Zag by Mike Gallo

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Perform a classic stage illusion at your fingertips with a borrowed coin. Make an impossible object that they can examine. Use their change to break their brain with Zag by Mike Gallo.

Here’s what happens:

The magician borrows a quarter from the audience while describing the classic Zig-Zag illusion. While holding the borrowed quarter at the fingertips, the magician grabs the middle of the quarter and drags it to one side. The quarter is now visibly divided into three sections and impossibly stuck together in a Zig-Zag pattern. While the coin is in this impossible state it can be handed out for examination. The magician then takes back the malformed quarter and with a gentle rub restores it to it’s ordinary state and returned to the audience.

Zag is the type of visual coin effect your audience will love. It combines a visual they won’t expect with a gimmick they can examine. There are no moving parts, no magnets, to rubber bands, and the simple sleights to perform this miracle are taught by master magician Magick Balay so you’ll get all the tips to get the biggest reactions. Use change to break their brain with Zag by Mike Gallo.