Wordalism by Josh Burch

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"Wordalism is a very cool adaptation of a classic principle with a modern and relevant theme that your audiences will get excited about. Great job Josh!" -Spidey

 -Richard Hatch

"Wordalism is a great new effect for those who want to keep their material up to date with the latest trends. It takes a viral game and turns it into an impossible mentalism feat." -Daniel Schaffer

"Wordalism is awesome, I will add it to my act immediately. I can use this in my walk-around performances and I can think of a way to use it on stage as well. Well done Josh." -James Dayley

The word game that took the world by storm is now a powerful mind-reading effect that fits in your wallet. They think of a secret word and you name it every time. Get a 100% win and keep your current streak with Wordalism by Josh Burch.

Here’s what happens:

The magician introduces a packet of puzzle cards that can be used to improve your game. The spectator thinks of a word on one of the cards. After asking a few simple questions, the performer is able to reveal the thought of word with perfect accuracy. It’s part game, part mind-reading, and a completley baffling effect your audience will love.

Wordalism relies on an ancient principle of magic that has been updated to baffle those in the know. Nothing is written down, and the word is never said out loud. It exists only inside their head. No need to memorize long lists of words or even look at the faces of the cards. The cards are all marked in clear English to make this easy enough for the complete beginner, but deceptive enough for discerning puzzle masters.