UPS by Roddy McGhie & Dee Christopher

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U.P.S is a super special mind reading method that will allow you to access a spectator's secret thoughts even under the close watch of the spectator. No difficult sleight of hand is used and UPS does not use any card moves that you see in many other mentalism products. UPS uses an outside of the box idea that will make any magician or mentalist smile.

No other peek on the market can do what UPS can do for you.

- A thought is written on a business card.
- That business card is placed face down in the middle of a stack of business cards.
- The stack of business cards are squared up so that you are clearly not holding any breaks. - You show the stack from all angles proving there is no way you can see the card with their secret message.
- You can still get your peek with NO MOVES.

U.P.S by Roddy Mcghie & Dee Christopher is a unique mentalism tool that will allow you to get a peek under the strictest of conditions.

This gimmick literally does all of the work. Once activated, it will deliver your peek to you under natural cover.

In the hour long UPS download:

- You will learn how to make and use the UPS gimmick.
- You will learn Roddy's "Word Disassociation" routine which is a staple in his act.
- You will learn a second method that involves no construction at all, as well as a second presentation with a mysterious feel.
- Roddy will also talk through one of his older ideas and how you can use the new methods to enhance it.
- You will also be introduced to some interesting further ideas to use with your new found knowledge or in your existing routines.

Pick up UPS today and no longer fear the moment you peek!