Tricks That Will Get You Paid by Gary Norsigian

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Professional magician Gary Norsigian brings an interesting slant to this special two volume DVD set produced by Penguin Magic. Drawing upon his 26 years' Las Vegas experience in close up, trade show, medium stage and banquet venues, Gary gives the close up specialist the ammunition (and mind set) he needs to come up with an act that will play to larger (read better paying) audiences.

Gary demonstrates how to take several conventionally close up effects and turn them into stage effects. The intended goal are effects that will play to 25 round tables of ten people each. Or, double that for auditorium seating. Six such routines are presented. The manipulative effects presented will be challenging but doable. Almost all the effects are done standing up at chest level; most do not require the table.

Also presented are maybe half a dozen more effects, primarily cards, that are intended for tradeshow and parlour venues (approximately 15 to 40 viewers).

The remaining half dozen or so are VISUAL close up effects that Gary has juiced so that they have the advantage of maximum amount of magic per unit time and minimum expositional demand on the performer's part. Even those that cannot hear because of background music or understand English can still appreciate the effects.

Interspersed throughout are Gary's monologues on topics near and dear to close-uppers that want to take it to the next step. Discussed are topics such as getting shows and cold calling as well as several other subjects.

The goal of these DVD's is very ambitious. They are aimed at a certain strata of professional or serious hobbyist. But even if you don't aspire to bigger audiences, the quality of material is top notch and worth your effort.

"If someone wanted to 'just get paid' he could just stick with a simple chop cup routine, sponge ball routine, Ambitious Card, and thumb tip/hanky routine. The effects presented in this set are off the beaten path and do encourage the viewer to exercise his brain and fingers (I like to think!)." -- Gary Norsigian

On Volume One you'll learn:

  • Cigar Routine - This silent, stand-up routine is perfect for stage. Multiple appearances and vanishes of cigars, lighters get bent and vanished, fingers get chopped off. Easily seen by 250 people in auditorium seating.

  • Tower of Power - The surprises come fast and furious in this three (?) card effect done in the hands. Perfect for tradeshows and walk around.

  • On the Up and Up - This is an impromptu multiple card rise. Throw away your Arne Deck.

  • The Travelers - The four aces or signed selections are extracted from four different pockets after being buried in the deck. Gary gives his fine points to sell this classic card effect in an even stronger light.

  • Standing Triumph Variation - In the hands triumph where the selected cards rise up out of the deck, before the deck is shown to be straightened out.

  • Fickle Card - Perfect for entertaining two people at a time while they are waiting in a line. Three quick card changes.

  • Spellbound - Copper to silver and back again a few times. At climax, performer puts his finger through the half dollar despite the great pain to his finger.

  • Top Stock False Shuffle - This sequence is great for keeping a slug of ten or so cards in place. It will defeat the closest scrutiny. Do with it as you will.

  • S.W. Elevator - Chris Kenner's effect is presented with a far easier method. This is Gary's favorite effect to punish the "hard cases". This is the best close up effect on the dvd's.

  • Impromptu Invisible Deck - For stage, use the gaffed deck. For close up, where pocket space is at a premium, you need this variation.


  • Gary on MicroMagic - Gary says MicroMagic is dead... unless you are working restaurants

  • Gary Recommends - The best hand cream for workers.

  • Gary on Sleeving Cards - With the possible exception of cigars, cards are the easiest items to sleeve. Master this, and all your stand up effects are going to be much more flexible and clean.

On Volume Two you'll learn:

  • Snap Back Card - The selected,initialed card keeps popping back into the performer's right hand everytime he inserts it into the deck held in the left hand. Suitable for both close up (but why stop there?) and stage. Gary does it to music.

  • Invisible Palm Meets Phoenix Aces - Intended for bigger audiences. A beautiful card effect to be done to music on stage without a table. You have your work cut out for you.

  • Chop Cup Routine -Gary's rapid fire routine and his lines will give you a different perspective on this classic effect.

  • Coins Through the Table - If you are lucky enough to be performing on a table, this one is great. Mike Gallo's blow-back move for the finale phase made this a staple in Gary's restaurant work for many years.

  • Revised Evapor-ace-tion - Even though it uses the table there are a lot of vanishes and appearances in a short period of time.

  • The Gun Trick - A good trick to do when you are going through the security check at the airport and you want a few months' vacation.

  • Three Four-ace-productions - One very easy, one moderately easy, and one not so easy but the flashiest by far.

  • Not My Fault - A Princess card effect that can be done standing while entertaining a group of people in a line. But Gary has taken the basic effect and goosed it up for stage with an entirely perverse presentation. Lawyers and mentalists will like this one.

  • Uncle Gary's Virus - This is a manipulation piece that can be inserted into your own silent routine. Or use it alone. It is strong enough especially when combined with your personality.


  • Gary on What Makes a Good Card Trick?

  • Gary on Getting the Gig

  • Gary on Cold Calling

  • Gary Speaks: MicroMagic Is Dead