Tri-Sandwich by Martin Braessas

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An impossible three-card sandwich routine like no other. Each card is found in increasingly impossible and magical ways. From the mind that brought you Easy Aces and Defaced comes a card miracle that will leave the jaws of your audience on the floor. This is Tri-Sandwich by Martin Braessas.

Here’s what happens:

Three cards are selected by three different spectators and then lost in the deck. The clearly individual jokers are turned face down on the deck and then immediately spread to show one of the selections has appeared between them. The jokers and the first selection are placed on the table, where the first selection then transforms impossibly into the second selection! The audience then cuts the deck into three packets, anywhere they want, and places the jokers in completely different sections of the deck. The deck is then squared, and with no funny movements, the deck is then respread the reveal the jokers have traveled to trap just a single card in the center of the deck, which is in fact, the final selection.

Tri-Sandwich is ready to go right out of the box. The secret is diabolically simple and easy to move to a different deck of cards so it can become your everyday carry. Expertly taught by Erik Tait, the moves are incredibly simple. This is perfect for any beginner magician who wants to perform astonishing multiphase magic. Carry a triple threat in your pocket when you perform Tri-Sandwich by Martin Braessas.