Transporter Card by Rizki Nanda

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Vanish the middle of your finger with a science fiction gadget from the future! This is a stage illusion that fits in your pocket. Perform a vanishing act close up with Transporter Card by Rizki Nanda.

Here’s what happens:

You introduce a card featuring designs from popular science fiction shows. The card features two holes that you put your finger through. You cover the middle of your finger for just a moment and it disappears. You then remove your finger from the card and the center of your finger reappears. It’s a quick illusion with eye popping visuals.

Transporter card comes with multiple gimmicks that are ready to go right out of the box. The cards have been elegantly designed to feature images reminiscent of your favorite science fiction franchises. You also receive an expertly taught tutorial by David Newell with multiple routines, including a one handed version that your audiences will love. Transport Card is incredibly easy to perform, and well within the skill range of any magician. Perform magic from the future with Transporter Card by Rizki Nanda.