Token by Paul Richards

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You place a simple paper envelope on the table containing small metal token. You now introduce five ESP cards, which you openly mix. The packet is given to a spectator, who is asked to turn the cards face down and select any one they wish. The selected card is placed aside, or in the spectator’s pocket. No one – including the spectator – knows what symbol has been selected.

The token is now removed from the envelope – an ESP symbol is displayed boldly printed on one side. The spectator removes his card to reveal – the exact same symbol!


    • Only one Token is used and it is in the envelope from the beginning of the routine.

    • There is no force, any symbol can be selected and it will be different each time.

    • The spectator can mix the cards.

    • Only five cards are used. No sleights.

    • Resets in seconds.

    • Totally examinable.

Additional handlings are covered including, a method that uses a single business card instead of the symbols. An excellent approach that puts your business card in the spectator’s hands to keep!

Comes complete with all necessary props and detailed instructional DVD with additional ideas and insights.

Direct and diabolical close up mentalism!