Together Forever COMPLETE by Steve Gore

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“This has become my favourite card routine ... the impact is out of this world!! It looks INCREDIBLE!! You have nailed all the elements, I truly love it!!” -Paul Romhany, Editor Vanish Magazine.

"Wow, I wasn't expecting that! This is going straight into my wedding close up routine!” -Richard Jones, The only magician winner of Britains Got Talent.

“Amazing! Great idea 💡 I love it !!!” -Olmac

”Steve Gore has created something romantically unique. The perfect magical souvenir that your spectators will keep forever and share with their friends, thus increasing your legend!" -Christian Engblom

“Steve Gore has taken a perfect effect and actually improved it. Together Forever is the best rendition of the classic anniversary waltz!” -Wayne Goodman

“Together Forever elevates close-up, storytelling magic to great heights!” -Rob Zabrecky

“It looks great Steve - an interesting new level to take the Anniversary Waltz!” -Michael Ammar

“I love it when magic happens in the hands of the spectators! Together Forever in my repertoire!“ -Tobias Dostal

“It’s the small things that make up a fantastic effect, and having the cards unaligned is a great addition to the anniversary waltz plot” -Daniel Garcia

“A fantastic finish.” -Kostya Kimlat

“Together Forever is a clever twist on the classic Anniversary Waltz plot that leaves your spectators with an impossible souvenir ... It isn’t just out of the box thinking - it doesn’t even fit in the box!” -Karl Hein

“Anniversary Waltz on Steroids! Looks Awesome!” -Damien O’Brien

"I'm a huge fan of impossible objects; this is one they will definitely be keeping." -Doug McKenzie

“I love it!! There are not many effects that serve as a gift like this one. It has everything, it’s easy to do and memorable. “ -Javi Benitez

The perfect blend of a simple plot, easy handling and a love theme which leaves the spectator with an impossible souvenir they will keep forever!

The deck is shown to be regular. Two cards are chosen and signed independently. They clearly see their cards placed next to each other, they hold them in their hands and in an instant they join as one. At first they think they are stuck together ... and then they realise ... they are now ... one ... card. The cards, just like the couple, will be ‘Together Forever!’ Perfect to perform for couples in love, two family members, best friends or even just to one person and write their partners name or a celebrity crush on the other card. I have been performing this effect personally for over two years and it gets stunning reactions. Everyone just cannot believe the object they hold in their hands.

Includes: You receive 28 gimmicks in a pack. 4 different pairs of cards (x 7) professionally printed and cut out ready to use by Cartamundi to use with their red Copag 310 deck. It is possible to use with a Red bicycle deck, however there are a few differences but the general public probably won't notice.

Together Forever is the effect I have performed personally for nearly 2 years and in August 2019, I performed it for David Blaine, Sir Patrick Stewart, David Copperfield and for countless top magicians at Magic Live. It is what I closed my close up set with at the Magic Castle in Hollywood in July 2019.