The Moment by Andy Nyman

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The Moment is an experience you share with your spectator using antique matching cards for an astonishing matching effect they will never forget. This is The Moment by Andy Nyman.

Here’s what happens:

Two sets of antique circus cards are introduced, a red and a blue packet. Apart from those cards, the magician card is introduced as the one card the performer loved most as a child. The spectator is invited to pick the packet they like, while the other packet is set aside. The performer shows all of the different designs on the cards to the spectator before giving them a mix. The spectator then helps further mix the cards into a random order. The other packet is brought into play and revealed to have the same pictures. Impossibly, the order of the two packets matches. As a kicker, the magician card is turned over to reveal that the performer knew all along which packet the spectator would pick.

The Moment is a beautiful trick with gorgeous props. The antique circus cards look just like a memento from your childhood and were specially designed to make this trick memorable. As a bonus, Andy teaches you a mentalism effect where the spectator thinks of any one of the designs on the cards, and you can reveal the card they are thinking of with some incredibly direct mind reading. The tutorial is taught by Andy Nyman, and you not only learn the routines, but also performance tips that will make all of your magic better. The Moment is an incredible trick that allows you to share a memory with an audience of your childhood that they will never forget. The next time someone asks you how you became a magician, be prepared to share The Moment with them, by Andy Nyman.