Super Sucker by Rizki Nanda (US Nickel)

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Produce a coin from behind their ear, then transform that coin into a lollipop that you can give away! This is the ultimate anytime, anywhere magic trick that produces a sweet souvenir. This is Super Sucker by Rizki Nanda.

Here’s what happens:

You reach behind your spectator’s ear and produce a nickel. An old trick for sure, but pulling coins from behind the ears is a classic. You then pull out a small magic wand and touch it to the nickel, and it instantly sticks to the end. With just a shake, the nickel transforms into a lollipop. Then with another shake, the lollipop visually wraps itself up. You can then immediately hand the lollipop to your spectators so they can enjoy a sweet treat during your show.

Super Sucker is incredibly easy to do and comes ready to go right out of the box. You receive the special gimmick that allows you to perform this ultra-visual and extremely endearing effect. The sleights involved are well within the grasp of beginner magicians. Professionals will love how audiences react when they unwrap the lollipop to discover it’s actually real. Perfect for kids, but strong enough to use at your next corporate gig. Give away a sweet souvenir with Super Sucker by Rizki Nanda.