Stone Purse by Nathan Kranzo

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"The one trick I've performed more than any other" -Nathan Kranzo

If you're an amateur, you may not immediately understand why this is Nathan Kranzo's signature trick. In fact, while watching the video you may even "figure it out" and decide it's probably not that good. Big mistake. This is a miracle that fries EVERYONE, and not just a little bit, it completely turns their world upside down. The "remember you forever" kind of frying.

Here's what happens: The leather coin purse you've been using during your trick (in plain view the entire time) TURNS TO STONE. STONE!!! Solid, bang on the table stone. Your hands haven't left the table, you're not holding it, it's a surreal moment with NO explanation.

That's it.

If you're a worker, you're going to get it immediately. The surreal moment you create, and the way THEY discover it is a grown-up moment of childhood wonder. yes, it's cliche, but this is that thing that the cliche is talking about.

So yes. This is Nathan Kranzo's signature trick. It's the one he's known for, and what he'll be most known for forever. He performs it all the time.. because it kills. And today, you can get it.

Each unit is hand-made by NATHAN KRANZO.

You get everything you need, a coin purse, a matching hand-made rock, and a full routine taught to you by... yup, Nathan Kranzo.