Spin Doctor by John Bannon

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"Spin Doctor is a super smart routine that has a method that squeezes a remarkable amount of effect out of a simple method! Love it!" - Kyle Purnell

"Spin doctor is the only gem I will always keep in my wallet" - Dr. Cyril Thomas

"A handful of cards, a whole lot of magic! Spin Doctor is destined to become yet another Bannon classic. Love it!" - Roddy McGhie

Three kicker endings they never see coming. The Ace of Spades placed on the table transforms into a blank card, then reappears between the aces in your hand, then the backs of those aces change to the colors of the rainbow. This is one of John Bannon’s favorite packet tricks because it packs a whole lot of magic into just a handful of cards. This is Spin Doctor by John Bannon.

Here’s what happens:

The four aces are shown to the spectator. The aces are turned face down, and with a magical gesture, they turn face up one at a time. Then the Ace of Spades is turned face down and placed on the table. The magician then tells the audience that three miracles are about to happen all at the same time. The first thing is that the Ace of Spades will vanish. The second thing is that it will reappear between the aces held in the magician’s hand. The third thing is that the remaining aces will all change. The magician snaps their fingers, and to the untrained eye, it looks like nothing has happened. The spectators turn over the Ace face down on the table, and it is shown to now be blank. When they look back in the magician’s hand, the Ace of Spades is prominently in the middle of the other three cards. Then the cards are turned over, and despite them being red-backed for all of the previous phases, they are now rainbow-colored.

Spin Doctor is a packet trick that packs a huge wallop. The sleights are easy to perform, and best of all, the cards are completely examinable at the end. The structure of the routine makes the triple kicker ending a huge surprise. There is no palming or difficult switches, just some simple sleights that anyone can do. Get ready to perform one of your new favorite packet tricks with Spin Doctor by John Bannon.