Speechless by Brandon Queen

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"I couldn't remember my own name. I couldn't even swallow until he told me to."

"It's a crazy feeling." -Brandon Queen

"When I learned this, before the video was even half over, my legs started twitching I wanted to run out and perform it so bad." -Shaun Dunn

"It's still hard for me to believe this is real" -Maxwell Murphy

For years, Brandon Queen has been quietly developing a routine that creates believers. It's wild. It's like nothing we've seen before. Controlling someone's ability to MOVE, TALK.. even REMEMBER THEIR NAME.

It's thrilling for both sides, totally unbelievable, and COMPLETELY REAL.

PROFESSIONALS: Seeing may be believing, but experiencing something physically is even more powerful. When you can control someone's ability to move, they let their guard down in a way traditional magicians never experience. There's no deduction possible, no show-me-your-other-hand.. They start to believe anything is possible.

Speechless is a reputation-making routine you'll do forever.