SpaceCraft Playing Cards

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Many children dream of growing up to be astronauts. Fantasies of space travel are practically universal, and space toys appeal to the kid in all of us.

SpaceCraft playing cards are a whimsical take on a space theme, with all of the artwork designed to look as if it has been cut out of felt and other crafting supplies - the kind of thing you might have dreamed up in elementary school art class.

Designed by Marcela Fehrenbach, the SpaceCraft deck has 100% custom artwork. The beautiful tuck box is highlighted with three colors of foil stamping and comes complete with inside printing and a custom sticker seal, while the back design features colorful rocket ships, planets, and moons.

The faces have a deep blue space background, custom pips, and custom court cards that feature child astronauts. Even with all of this new artwork, the deck is still highly playable. The deck includes two rocket ship jokers and two bonus gaff cards.

SpaceCraft playing cards also feature UltraLux™ Finish. UltraLux™ uses casino-grade European card stock that has been crushed to the perfect thickness and given just the right amount of linen texture. We then apply vegetable-based inks and AquaFlow™ water-based coating to create a deck that handles like an absolute dream. The cards are traditionally cut with smooth edges that provide an ideal grip. These cards are soft enough to get to work straight out of the box, but durable enough to meet the needs of a full-time magician, cardist, or card sharp.

Available singly or in 6-packs with custom half brick boxes, the SpaceCraft decks are simply out of this world!

•Only 2000 printed
•100% custom artwork
•Custom tuck box with 3 colors of foil, plus inside printing and custom sticker seal
•Designed by Marcela Fehrenbach
•UltraLux™ Finish with AquaFlow™ Coating
•Traditionally Cut
•2 custom jokers
•2 bonus gaff cards included
•Available as singles or 6-packs with collector's half brick box