Sorted Affair by Sean Boguniaa

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"Quite simply, the greatest Oil and Water on the planet. I've been doing it for YEARS." -Matt Johnson

"It’s always been one of my favorites. Having done it for so long I can tell you it really does get fantastic reaction. It’s SO clean looking that it really seems impossible.. even for most magicians." -Paul Richards

SORTED AFFAIR is one of the cleanest, most deceptive Oil & Water routines ever created!

There can be no question; the black and red cards are clearly mixed and then - in an instant - they're not! It looks so fair people might think its real magic! Best of all, the routine concludes with a brain twisting finale in which the ENTIRE DECK separates into red and black cards!

SORTED AFFAIR uses no complex sleight of hand; in fact it's virtually self-working. The entire face and back of each card is seen throughout the routine, no funny printing to hide. Not to mention, the routine resets instantly making it perfect for real world workers.

Comes complete with Bicycle gaffed deck and detailed instructional DVD with additional ideas and insights.