Séance by Dixie Dooley

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Please note: This DVD teaches about the séance as a form of magical entertainment. The purpose of the DVD is to help magicians perform magical effects with a séance theme in a setting in which everyone in the audience knows it's "just a show". This DVD does not teach or support any belief system or explanation of events that may be or seem paranormal. Questions of beliefs and religion are outside the scope of this DVD. If you're under 18 years of age please talk with a parent or guardian before purchasing this DVD.

When you ride a roller coaster or go to a scary movie... you know you're not going to get hurt.

You enjoy being frightened, but you know all along it's just for fun.

The difference in this DVD is... someone could get hurt.

In a darkened seance room, spirit messages appear right before people's eyes. They see ghosts. They see objects move. In this place they may find answers to questions they've always pondered. They may even come to believe they've made contact with the dead.

So, much more is at stake than just entertainment. You're flirting with the eternal questions of man, his darkest desires, and his deepest beliefs. That puts a great deal of power in your hands as an entertainer. Houdini used this power for good. We trust you will do the same.

"In the séance room, two things matter. What happens... and how we explain it." -- Dixie Dooley

This is the world of the imagination; the world of strange noises, funny feelings, and eerie uncertainty. On this startling new DVD you'll learn close up spirit effects you can perform inches from an onlooker's face, and comedy séance effects you can perform on stage.

As a special bonus you'll see rare footage of Dixie Dooley as he leads a legitimate Séance.

The Effects:

  • Spirit Slates - Make spirit messages appear on covered chalkboards.

  • Spirit Cloth - A bell rings, a tambourine rustles, a hand reaches up and grabs you.

  • Haunted Key - This bizarre little key has a mind of its own.

  • Haunted Deck - One of the scariest card tricks in the world. The deck moves by itself to find your selected card!

  • The Devil's Ashes - Messages materialize from ashes sprinkled on your arm.

  • The Houdini Spirit Table - This is the table Houdini used to expose the fraudulent spirit tricks of the Boston Medium Margery. This table was in Dixie's possession for six years before he discovered the gimmick! This is the first time the gimmick has ever been exposed.

  • In the Séance Room - Dancing Handkerchiefs, The Glorpy, The Crystal Ball, The Large Floating Table, Black Art and more!

  • Spirit Cabinet - Your assistant is placed in a trance, tied up, and enclosed in a Spirit Cabinet. The spirits in the room make themselves known by creating any number of strange, impossible, and often hilarious disturbances inside the cabinet.

  • The Zombie - Learn the world's most mysterious floating ball effect with Dixie's professional advice on transitioning in to your Zombie routine.

This Old Haunted House:

  • The Spirit Table - You'll learn how to build a spirit table step-by-step for under $ 100. This same table would cost over $ 300 if you bought it in a shop.

  • Spirit Slates - Dixie talks you through the construction of your own Spirit Slates. These Spirit Slates can be constructed for under $ 10, and in a store they might cost upwards of $ 50.

Comedy Séance:
Watch as Dixie performs a comedy séance in his "World of the Unreal" show at the Boardwalk Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. This routine will give you dozens of ideas and help you incorporate the spirit effects you've just learned into your act.

The Liberace Séance - Late at night in a darkened building, Dixie and a small group of others attempt to contact the hereafter. Penguin Magic has acquired exclusive footage of the unusual event.