Royal Redo by Bill Wisch

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The spectator shuffles a deck, from which you remove a set of five cards. The spectator thinks of one (they don't even need to name it) and you instantly show that you knew exactly which card was selected!

No sleights, no moves, no pumping...just pure magic.

The Royal Redo is Bill Wisch's new design and approach to a classic of magic. You'll receive the custom printed card set printed by US Playing Card on Bicycle card stock as well as a detailed instructional DVD that covers every aspect of the classic plus much more.

You'll also learn how Bill uses this set as the heart of his incredible Simple Focus Routine. This routine just may convince your audience that you really can read minds! You'll divine multiple cards in a variety of ways...including a card merely looked at in a completely fanned deck! Bill tips methods and techniques found nowhere else. These ideas alone are well worth the price of admission.

The Royal Redo will easily become a favorite with you and your audiences!

"....100% practical for the real world. It is instantly repeatable for the same audience and it even fools them more the second, and third time, they see it. If you want my honest, condensed opinion of Bill Wisch's Royal Redo, it's perfect magic!"
Steve Dusheck

"Bill has developed an original approach to a classic. Among its features, the cards are displayed at the fingertips, and all five cards are visible at all times. Even knowing the secret, I was fooled. 'Diminishing Princess' (which is included on the dvd,Ed.) is the definitive version of this classic because it looks exactly like mindreading."
Karl Fulves

"I love it! It's like Princess Cards on steroids!"
Bob Solari

"I first met Bill Wisch in the late 70's and he fooled me quite badly with a card trick. Thirty plus years later, he has done it again...WITH THE SAME TRICK! Bill has added many new subtleties and has refined it to become a true show piece. I cannot recommend Royal Redo enough. If you perform this effect as Bill does, people will swear you can read their minds. I thought Bill did!"
Mike Gallo