R.I.P. (Restored in Pieces) by Cameron Francis

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"RIP ROCKS! The gimmick will thrill you, The method is ingeniously simple and powerful. The ideas for possible routines are endless. Finally a smart, powerful and practical ending to any sandwich routine! Get this before I buy up all the stock, sit on it for 10+ years and then sell the lot for a fortune as super rare collectors items!" - Richard Sanders

"Yes it's a super visual trick. And yes it will melt minds. But what I
really admire, is the absolute elegance of Cameron's handling. He gets
so much magic mileage out of the devious gimmicks!"
 - Jay Sankey

"How Cameron comes up with these ingenious, practical, and mind blowing effects that practically work themselves I’ll never know!" - Jack Carpenter

"Cameron is not only one of the sweetest guy in magic, he’s also devilishly clever. RIP is a real world version of the T&R card dubbed with a very impressive sandwich effect. This one’s a worker’s dream, resets in no time and is very easy to learn. The most original presentation of the T&R card that I’ve ever seen." - Jack Poulin

"Cameron has an unusually easy and lovely visual way of doing the ‘piece by piece’ restoration of a signed, torn card! Well worth checking out for fans of the plot!" - Liam Montier

"Cam has created a lovely and very different slow motion restoration here. Super simple to do and very magical!" - John Carey

The piece by piece restoration is a modern classic that has been held exclusively in the repertoire of expert sleight of hand artists until now. Restored In Pieces by Cameron Francis makes this extremely visual effect accessible, and best of all repeatable. Special gimmicks manufactured by The United States Playing Card Company make this easy to do stunner a must-have for every card magician.

Here’s what happens:

A card is selected, signed and lost in the deck. It magically appears between two jokers. The signed card is then ripped up and placed in the performer’s pocket. One by one the pieces jump from the pocket to between the jokers restoring the card piece by piece. In the end the signed card is fully restored and can be given away as a memorable souvenir.

The best part of this routine is that the gimmicks are reusable. Cameron has routined this effect so that not only is it easy to get the gimmicks in and out of play, but you don’t have to spend hours of arts and crafts time in between performances. Start ripping cards today, so your audiences can see them Restored In Pieces.