Raven MINT

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Make money out of nothing. Wave your hand over a disk of metal and watch as it instantly transforms into an examinable coin. Perform a miracle in your spectator’s hand. This is Raven Mint from Penguin Magic.

Here’s what happens:

The magician displays a flat disk that is about the size of a coin. It is in fact what a coin looks like before the US Mint stamps it into actual currency. The disk is shown on the front and then back, and then placed into the spectator’s hand. The magician waves their hand over the disk and it visually transforms into a real coin that can be given away.

Raven Mint is an official accessory for The Raven Starter Kit. Available in both Half Dollar and Quarter size, Raven Mint also comes with video instructions taught by Nick Locapo. Raven Mint is a fantastic addition to the repertoire of impossible things you can perform with The Raven. Used as an introduction to a longer coin routine, or as a piece of magic on its own, Raven Mint deserves a spot in your pocket. Make money out of nothing with Raven Mint.