Raven Casino

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Transform your cash into a pair of poker chips and back again. Perform a visual miracle with your bare hands. This is Raven Casino from Penguin Magic.

Here’s what happens:

The magician displays a dollar coin front at back. They place it on their open palm. With a wave of their hand, the dollar coin transforms into two brightly colored poker chips. With another wave of the hand, the magician is able to transform the poker chips back into the coin and hand it out for examination.

Raven Casino is an official accessory for The Raven Starter Kit. You will receive the special Raven Casino gimmick, a matching poker chip, and a one-dollar coin. Everything you need to start performing right away. Raven Casino also comes with video instructions taught by Nick Locapo and is the perfect companion to your Raven Starter Kit. Get ready to hit Vegas in style with Raven Casino from Penguin Magic