Psypher PRO by Robert Smith

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"By far, best impression device I've ever used." - Platt

"This thing is freakin awesome." - Cameron Francis

"This is the last impression device you will ever need." - Dan Harlan

"Every mentalist should have this great tool in their arsenal." - Marc Desouza


Psypher is the most powerful mentalism utility device you can own. This special product allows you to secretly know what your audience is thinking. Psypher works with names, playing cards, numbers, pin codes, anything. If it's information that you shouldn't know, Psypher can tell you what it is. Designed to carry every day, or use in stage performance, Psypher is reliable, and gets the job done.


You'll receive 3 pieces of the secret Psypher "gimmick", sized to fit items you already use in your magic & mentalism:

2.5 x 3.5: The most popular setup. This is the perfect size to install psypher into any deck of cards. Once set up, the secret gimmick hides in plain sight giving you access to your spectators information, and endless card routines.

2 x 3.5: Perfect for using Psypher without a deck of cards. This piece is sized to hide in a stack of business cards. It can also be combined with the Psypher Wallet (included) to transform it into a powerful mind reading setup that you can carry in your pocket every day.

3 x 5: This larger gimmick is sized to fit into a small notepad. Using a Psypher in a notepad is a fantastic way to obtain secret information in preshow, or in a live performance. This larger piece can also be used to create your own ideas as well!

Psypher Wallet: A small black business card wallet. You'll learn how you can use Psypher with it to create a pocket mind reading kit. Perfect for name reveals, drawing duplications, or ESP style routines.

Psypher Sharpie: This special sharpie works in concert with your Psypher gimmick to obtain information. The secret to this sharpie hides in plain sight, and can be used as a normal marker.


The Psypher kit comes with over 2 hours of video instruction with Robert Smith, Brent Braun, and Nick Locapo. You'll learn everything you need to know to get started using your new device. Once you are set up, you will learn powerful routines you can start performing right away. Along the way you will also learn performance tips and techniques that will make all of your magic and mentalism stronger.


Psypher: Have someone think of a name, playing card, number, birthday, pin code, anything. You'll learn multiple routines using Psypher with all 3 setups to obtain secret information and reveal it with powerful results.

Voodoo Psypher: An image that your spectator is thinking of magically appears drawn ON THEIR ARM. Any image! The creator Robert Smith takes Psypher to the next level with this incredible drawing duplication.

Three Thoughts: Your spectator thinks of three different pieces of information. You reveal each thought, one at a time, in increasingly impossible conditions. This is Brent Braun's signature Psypher routine that he has been honing for over 10 years. Not only will you learn it, but you will also learn incredible performance details that can be used across all your magic and mentalism.

Name & Card: A thought of name is used to select a card from a shuffled deck. With no sleight of hand, not only will you know the card that has been selected, but you will also know the name of the person they are thinking of. This is Nick Locapo's go-to Psypher routine.

Card at Number: A card box containing a deck of cards is placed on the table. One person THINKS of a number, another person selects a card. The card box is opened, and the selected card is discovered to be at the selected number. The magician never touches the deck.

Birthday Reveal: Ask somebody to think of the month and day they were born. You'll learn a fun process with a deck of cards to reveal anyone's birthday.

Drawing Duplication: Ask someone to draw any picture, and then just THINK about the image. Using the Psypher Wallet you are able to draw exactly what they're thinking.

ESP Card Routine: Your spectator thinks of 1 of the 5 ESP cards. The cards are mixed, and eliminated face down, one at a time by the spectator. When there is only one card remaining, you are able to reveal what ESP card they were thinking of, and it also matches the face down card on the table!

Psypher Pad: You'll learn how to use a notepad to collect information for preshow. The perfect non-electronic preshow device.