Pipe Dream by Josh Maddocks

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Pipe Dream is an incredible effect that allows you to convincingly make any signed card appear in any location.

Imagine that you have a card selected, signed and lost in to the deck. Without any suspicious moves, the spectator then uncaps the pen they’ve been holding the entire time and finds their signed card now inside the pen!

Josh Maddocks’ is a talented and confident performer that has slowly built himself through the ranks on the close up scene in the UK. Pipe Dream is his first release showcasing how unique and practical his creations are.

With Pipe Dream this is just one of the many routines taught on this crystal clear instant download. Alongside the main principal, you’ll learn how to make the card appear inside beer bottles, on their keys, change their own lighter in to their card and so much more.

Learn Pipe Dream today and immediately begin to go out and performing this powerful piece of strolling magic.