Moneyball by Nathan Kranzo

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"Nate has added a little something extra for facilitating ditching if you so choose....this is a truly spiffy trick. Really nice and super quick for those moments when you only have a few seconds to show them something. I mean, one second you have a quarter, and in a split second, it’s a gumball. What could be faster? I love it!" - Doug Working

Borrow a coin, and then transform it into a super bouncy ball at your fingertips. This offbeat effect is something you are going to want to carry with you all the time. This is a compact trick that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Make your money bounce with Moneyball by Nathan Kranzo.

Moneyball is a super-fast effect that’s also crazy visual. Borrow a quarter from your audience. Give it a shake and the quarter transforms into a brightly colored bouncy ball. You then immediately bounce the ball on the table or ground to prove it’s real. After the bounce, the ball can be immediately handed out for examination. The change is remarkably easy to do. There are no magnets, flaps, or moving parts to break. Moneyball comes ready to go right out of the box. This casual miracle is big-time fun. Turn a quarter into a toy with Moneyball by Nathan Kranzo.

* you will receive the special Superball quarter gimmick.
* the gimmick also contains a rare earth magnet for easy ditching.
* you will receive an additional normal rubber ball to match.