Mo Monte by Max Maven

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Max Maven was one of the most prolific packet trick creators of the modern age. He has more than a thousand published effects with just a handful of cards. This one was one of his favorites. Find out how much magic you can get out of a classic street con with just three cards when you perform Mo Monte by Max Maven.

Here’s what happens. The performer introduces the classic street con of three-card monte, along with an offer to give a friendly lesson on why you should never play this game. After showing three blank-faced blue-back cards, the spectator is allowed to freely choose a colored sticker to make one of the cards the one that wins the money. With the sticker attached, this card jumps from the bottom to the top and then to the middle. Then in a sudden twist, the blue-backed card with the sticker on it transforms into a red-backed card! As a kicker ending, clearly printed words readying, “PICK THIS CARD!” magically print on the back.

Presented by Erik Tait, you receive specially printed cards and the perfect sheet of stickers to perform this classic take on the Monte plot. Erik was fortunate enough to spend some time with Max at FISM discussing and learning this effect from the master, and he shares Max’s thoughts with you. Mo Monte has simple moves and is well within the skill level of any magician. Three cards pack an incredible amount of magic and reactions into this incredible routine. Get more reactions and more magic with Mo Monte by Max Maven.