Miracle Monte by Anthony Owen

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What starts as a simple game of three-card monte takes a hard left turn when the money card vanishes only to reappear in your pocket. Anthony Owen has taken a classic in magic and updated it with some simple gaffs and clever thinking. Miracle monte combines a classic gambling effect with a stunning transposition.

Here’s what happens: Three blank cards and one money card are introduced to the audience. After demonstrating the simple game of find the money card one of the blank cards is openly and fairly placed into the performer's pocket. The money card is mixed into the remaining blank cards and what follows is a series of increasingly impossible transpositions leading to the money card vanishing altogether and reappearing in the performer’s pocket.

Anthony Owen was inspired by Andy Nyman, adds some touches by Marc Paul, and then his own brilliant thinking to create a real stunner. Miracle Monte includes all the gaffs that allow you to focus on the fun and generate some seriously strong reactions.