MindBlox by Craig Petty

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"With MindBlox you can blow minds brick by brick with ease. It boasts one of the most amazing marking systems ever devised - it’s almost criminal how much information you secretly have at your fingertips. Add in the gorgeous designs, clever forcing systems and universal appeal and it’s a no brainer. Just stop reading this and Add to Cart!" - David Jonathan

"When Craig first showed me MindBlox, my mind exploded! It's an absolute game-changer, ideal for both close-up performances and taking to the stage, consistently delivering jaw-dropping magic. Absolutely incredible!" - Joel Dickinson

"MindBlox, this should have been called Mind Blown! The Marking system made me smile. It’s so cool and even with my poor eyesight I can get all the information with just one quick glance. This deck will open up so many possibilities. I love it!" - Peter Nardi

"Craig showed me this some time last year and I was absolutely blown away by it. You can perform all sorts of effects with this, and the markings are absolutely fantastic, talk about hidden in plain sight, once you know the secret you will be able to read them from several feet away! Another super commercial winner from Craig Petty!" - Chris Congreave

"MindBlox is amazing. First of all the marking system is absolutely phenomenal. Anyone can read it from so far away and yet it’s hidden in plain sight. However the routines are what really make this such a wonderful project. Whether you perform close up or on stage there is something you will be able to add to your repertoire immediately Mind Blox is highly recommended" - John Morton

"MindBlox is a fun and engaging routine with countless of possibilities and can be adapted to any kind of audience. The cards has been cleverly designed to give you all the info you need quickly and with no memory work! Another winner from Craig Petty!" - Luca Volpe

Imagine a marking system so powerful that a ten-year-old could take it on national television and capture the heart of a nation with it. Now imagine a marking system so clear that it tells you words, pictures, and numbers from across the room and yet so deceptive it hides in plain sight. Now, theme that marking system in one of the most popular sets of children's building blocks in history, and you have an innovative deck of cards that allows for bafflingly direct mind reading. Designed by the DaVinci of modern marking systems, Phill Smith, and routined by one of the hardest working professionals in close-up, Craig Petty, this is a mind-reading tool that audiences, young and old, will love. This is MindBlox by Craig Petty.

Here’s What Happens:

The magician introduces a set of challenge cards that brick-building enthusiasts can use to test each other’s knowledge and building skills. One card is put away in an envelope as a prediction. Now, the magician demonstrates the difference between mind reading and telling the future. Additional cards are selected, and the magician is able to reveal not only what card was selected but additional information like the thought of words on the descriptions of the cards and even the total number of bricks in each set. A final card is selected and impossibly matches the prediction card set aside from the very beginning.

MindBlox has an incredible marking system that hides in plain sight. The backs of these cards hide an incredible secret designed by Phill Smith so that every square inch of the card feeds the performer information while cleverly hiding from your audience. Craig provides ten routines that you can perform straight away. These cards are so powerful that Ryland Petty used them when he performed on America’s Got Talent, and the relatable themes and colorful designs will not only delight your audiences but capture their imagination. Read thoughts, predict the future, and build a reputation with MindBlox by Craig Petty.