Magic For Everyone

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Astound your family. Make your friends gasp in astonishment. Learn exciting mysteries and incredible secrets! One of the fastest-growing hobbies in the world is now your new favorite pastime with the Magic For Everyone kit from Penguin Magic!

Magic For Everyone is a purpose-designed magic kit that features four incredible tricks that some of the best magicians in the world have used to amaze their audiences. These tricks are not just incredible; they are also easy to do. Perfect for all ages. Kids will love the fun, relatable nature of the tricks. Adults will love that even though the tricks are easy to perform, they pack a huge punch and make you look like a pro.

Inside the Magic for Everyone kit, you will find:

Pen Through Bill
Stab a working ink pen straight through any borrowed bill. It can be a one, a twenty, even a hundred! Then watch your audience’s eyes leap out of their head when you melt the pen through the bill and hand it back with no holes anywhere to be found.

Cookie Bite
Modeled on one of the most famous cookie brands in the world, you can take a huge bite out of this special cookie and then visually restore the bite. The cookie does all the work for you!

Floating Toothpick
Harness the power of levitation when you make a toothpick float above a playing card. The special gimmick involved in this makes floating a small object as easy as breathing. There are no magnets or crazy gadgets involved in this. Just a very special playing card that allows you to defy gravity.

The Penguin Marked Deck
The greatest marked deck of cards in the world is now yours to astonish and amaze with. Used by professionals and amateurs alike, this high-quality deck of cards contains a secret marking system that’s easy to read if you know how. You’ll learn two tricks that are only possible with this very special deck and discover a whole world of magic that is possible with this incredible deck of cards.

Along with these four awesome tricks is an instructional video taught by Nick Locapo. Nick is one of the best magicians in the United States, and he shares with you everything you need to start learning and performing magic right away. This kit is one of the easiest and most fun ways to get started on your way to becoming the next world-famous magician. Join the fun because with this kit, Magic is For Everyone.