The Amazing Johnathan’s Knife Through Arm

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"This is the last knife through arm you will ever need to buy. I have owned many versions in the past and this is the ONLY one that actually fools people. The design and feel of this knife is just fantastic. Do yourself a favor and buy the Amazing Johnathan Knife Through Arm. Made to last and built for the working performer." - John Shaw

"I love this thing, I use it ALL the time. I open letters with it, cut fruit, stab girlscouts, wave it around the grocery store like a maniac and, on occasion, perform it for people. You should buy one! Don't you want to be like me?" - Bizzaro

"That Bloody Knife. It's one of those Props that the Professionals always talk about. Just a brilliant piece of business. Yeah that Bloody knife." - Gazzo

"I still don't understand how his arm grew back so fast." - Psychic Tanya

Slam an enormous butcher knife into your arm. Cackle with glee as blood spurts everywhere while your audience screams in horror. Then, pull the knife out, and your arm is completely restored. From the Freddy Kreuger of Comedy, this is The Amazing Johnathan’s Knife Through Arm!

One of The Amazing Johnathan’s signature effects was to carve into his own arm with a wicked-looking blade. Blood would run down his arm as the knife was clearly halfway through his limb. Incredibly the knife could then be removed, and there was no evidence of a wound. He performed this trick thousands of times in his headlining shows around the world. Now, Penguin Magic has worked with The Amazing Johnathan as well as his wife to bring one of the most gruesome comedy magic gags to the public.

Modeled on the actual Knife Johnathan hand-crafted, every detail has been perfectly recreated into a durable prop that looks and feels amazing. Taught by Dan Harlan, you’ll learn not just how to use the knife but also how to make your own fake blood so you can squeeze every ounce of terror from your audience. This isn’t a silly Halloween gag. This is a professional prop designed to be used for thousands of performances. Easy to do, the knife is also safe to use and incredibly fun to perform. Your audience will be screaming in horror and delight when you perform The Amazing Johnathan's Knife Through Arm!