iBalance Plus by Mark Elsdon

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Pull out your phone, or even borrow a spectator’s, and impossibly balance it on a single fingertip. Updated for a modern age and with modern phones, iBalance Plus allows you to suspend the laws of physics for Android, iPhones, and more. This is iBalance Plus by Mark Elsdon.

With iBalance Plus, you will receive custom gimmicks that work with iPhone, Android, and various other smart devices. No suction cups, magnets, or adhesives are used. You’ll learn to balance an iPad on a single finger, and any cell phone on the very tip of a marker. iBalance comes complete with a thorough instructional download taught by Nick Locapo. You’ll learn a full routine, as well as a variety of applications that you can use in any situation. The best part is that when you are finished, you can hand the cellphone or other electronic device out for examination. Take your cellphone to the very edge with iBalance Plus by Mark Elsdon.