Gum and Get Some by Amanda Nepo

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"A mark of great design is its simplicity and Amanda has nailed this in such a way that the gimmick is not only visual but extremely practical and incredibly thought out. I love this!" - Blake Vogt

"This one's great! It's organic and easy to perform. And in this game Fresh breath is key!" - Magick Balay

The perfect ice breaker! This is a great, practical method which ‘chew’ will love! — Iain Bailey

"I love magic that people can relate to. This is not only visual eye candy, because the fact that it’s all real gum and a practical edc. makes it the best gum trick out there" - Pontus Lindman

"I wish I came up with this" - Luke Osland

"Super visual, fun, easy to do and very well thought out. Amanda has ticked all the boxes with this one!" - David Jonathan

An empty pack of gum becomes full in the blink of an eye. The gum box does all the eye-popping work for you in this super visual effect. From the mind of one of the youngest people ever to fool Penn & Teller comes a gimmick that lives in the real world and produces amazing results. This is Gum and Get Some by Amanda Nepo.

Offer your audience some gum in a kind gesture, but when you open the pack, it's empty (or you don't have enough for everyone). Snap your fingers, and right before the spectator's eyes, the pack is now full of gum. The gum that appears is completely REAL! You can hand it out for all of your new friends to enjoy. Gum and Get Some is a unique utility gimmick that can be used as a one-off visual moment or as a place to make a small object appear, disappear, or transform. After showing the empty pack of gum and setting it on the table, you can vanish a card, coin, or another small object. When the packaging is opened, the small object is found inside the gum box, along with a few sticks of gum. Or you could put a small object in the empty gum box and transform that small object into gum! The possibilities are endless.

Gum and Get Some is made from high-quality materials and uses no elastic or complicated parts that you might have to replace in the future. There are no arts and crafts. Add some real gum*, and the gimmick is ready to go. Perform visual magic when you go out on the town with Gum and Get Some.

*Gum not included. Trident gum suggested

Special thanks to Brandon David and Chris Turchi for giving us permission to use their ideas and creations on this product. Please check out their other products here at Penguin. They have a ton of great ideas and fun products.