Greed by Daniel Garcia

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You show your spectators a ONE DOLLAR BILL. Fold it in half and it's still a ONE DOLLAR BILL.

Give it a wave and with NO FUNNY MOVES and WITHOUT LEAVING THEIR SIGHT it visually changes into a FIVE DOLLAR BILL. That's phase one, and your spectators already got their money's worth.

Fold it again and it's still a FIVE DOLLAR BILL.

But give it a wave... and WITH NO FUNNY MOVES (and AGAIN WITHOUT LEAVING THEIR SIGHT) the FIVE visually changes into a TEN DOLLAR BILL! That's phase two. Now they've seen the magic twice... with their own eyes. It would be safe to say they're pretty much addicted to you at this point.

Fold the bill again. It's still a TEN DOLLAR BILL.

Give it a wave and AGAIN it VISUALLY CHANGES, this time into a TWENTY DOLLAR BILL!

That's phase three. At this point your spectators have had just about all they can handle... their mouths are watering and they're only moments away from EITHER embracing you as a spiritual leader OR grabbing your TWENTY and running for it!

Before they have time to decide, you say, "Want me to make it a FIFTY?"

They can't help themselves...

"YES... yes... GOD-YES!"

You give the folded up TWENTY DOLLAR BILL a shake and it VISUALLY MORPHS into a FIFTY...


You hand them the FIFTY CENT PIECE and deliver the MONEY LINE:

"Don't get greedy..."

You'll see Danny perform GREED for real peeps ON THE STREETS of the GREEDIEST city on the planet. You'll sit with Danny as he shows you how he invented the routine (AT AGE 13!), and how he has refined it through thousands of performances over the last decade. You'll grab your supplies and build your GREED gimmick right along with Danny as he takes you step-by-step through the construction process. You'll learn the complete routine with all the subtleties in the EXPLANATION section. And you'll perfect the moves alongside our OUTRAGEOUS FIVE ANGLE REVIEW SECTION (the first in magic history). We've captured all the angles so you don't get a stiff neck.


  • The Penguin over-the-shoulder cam (OTS)

  • The Penguin under-the-armpit cam (UTA)

  • The Penguin dude-on-the-ceiling cam (DOTC)

  • The Penguin from-the-side cam (FTS)

  • The Penguin food-in-your-teeth cam (FIYT)

Use the angle button on your DVD remote to switch between the angles in real time as you watch.

Here's the bottom line:

    • Money talks! Get your spectators' attention by holding up real money, something your spectators are familiar with and care about deeply. That makes a huge difference in their emotional involvement with the routine!

    • Money talks! With the kicker ending, you're cleanly setup to move into any one of your favorite coin routines involving a half dollar.

    • Money talks! With the "almost instant" reset, you can carry GREED in your pocket and be ready to perform it again by the time you've walked over to the next table!

    • Money talks! Greed is perfect for the business executive or salesperson who wants to break the ice at a sales call or meeting! Imagine making a presenation about increasing company profits and you start off by performing Greed!

A tip from the Pros:

GREED is a must-have routine if you're working for tips.

Here's why: GREED allows you to get a specatator to reach into his/her wallet and hand you money BEFORE you've even done any magic. Emotionally, that person has in a very real sense already given that money to you. Even though they haven't said you can keep it yet, the spectator knows that he/she may not ever see that dollar again, and he/she is OK with that... otherwish he/she would't have handed it to you.

So, to increase your tips with GREED, start the routine by borrowing a spectator's bill.

You'll have to do a simple switch. Danny just folds up the spectator's bill, puts it in his pocket and says, "Thanks". He gets the laugh and says, "Just kidding". Now he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the GREED gimmick instead.

In that one simple exercise he's increased the spectator's emotional investment in the effect AND made it much more likely the spectator will give him a tip. And when you've got a group of people around you, if one person gives you a tip it's much more likely that other people will tip you as well. If you work for tips, GREED won't cost you a dime. You'll have paid for the DVD in just a few days of performing!