The GOAT (Greatest of All Transpositions) by Alex Linian

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"I LOVE this! It's quick, easy, startling, and the magic happens in the spectator's hands. What's not to like?" - Geoff Williams

“Magic in their hands is always stronger that’s what makes the GOAT the GOAT” - Brent Braun

"This effect is a workers dream come true" - Shaun Dunn

The two jokers change places with the four aces in the spectators hands. A simple plot with a devastating finish.

The spectator doesn't know what hit them. One second, they are holding on to the four aces and in the blink of an eye the two jokers you are holding change into the four aces that were in their hand and now they have the two jokers.

Why is G.O.A.T so strong?

That's easy, first they are completely convinced that they are really holding the four aces. So when they appear in the magicians hands it is a total shocker. Second, the handling really makes this method invisible. No funny moves to tip off even the smartest spectator and everything looks natural. The final reason the G.O.A.T is so deceptive is the clever gimmick. Not only does it fool everyone but the gimmicks will actually do all of the work. Allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing reactions.