Giant Robot by Josh Burch

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“A fun, charming effect for all ages with a terrific kicker to bring it all home. Well done!” - David Johnathan

"Cute and clever... and it's right up my alley!" - Caleb Wiles

The game is simple: You and a participant take turns drawing cards. Whoever gets the robot wins. They think they've won. Then you reveal the twist: you have assembled a giant robot with your cards!

The cards look exactly like they would have come from a family game night. Your audience is going to be surprised, delighted, and ready for more when you perform Giant Robot by Josh Burch.

You can choose who wins. Either way the ending is always unexpected, and the participant always feels like they are in control. This is a truly unique and memorable magic trick that will leave your audience reeling.

Here’s what you need to know:
-If you are a professional you can add this to your act immediately. The surprise ending packs a huge punch.
-Even if you're a beginner, you can learn this trick in minutes.
-No sleight of hand required! We’ve made this as close to automatic as we could so that you can focus on entertaining your audience.

This trick is all about transforming robots! How cool is that?!?! If you're looking for easy to do, memorable magic that will work for ANY audience Giant Robot is for you!!