Franken-Doh by Roddy McGhie

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It’s alive! A ball of clay transforms itself into a hand that steals a signed coin. You can then immediately hand the ball of clay to your spectator, and they find their coin inside the ball of clay! A smash hit sellout at Blackpool in 2019, this charming take on Bob Farmer’s Little Hand never fails to delight any audience. This is Franken-Doh by Roddy McGhie.

Here’s what happens:

A coin is borrowed from a spectator and initialed on both sides. You then introduce a little ball of clay that can be examined. The spectator rolls the clay into a ball. The coin is placed on your hand, and the clay is alongside it. The ball of clay is covered by your other hand like a little cave. Then, impossibly, a clay hand darts out of your hand and snatches up the coin. You open your hands to reveal the ball of clay is still there and the hand is gone. You can then immediately hand the clay to the spectators so they can open it and discover their signed coin inside.

Franken-Doh works with any currency and comes with everything you need, including a specially designed silicone hand that has been color-matched to one of the most popular modeling clays in the world, so you’ll never be at a loss to perform this incredible effect. The hand also comes with a special silicone band so that it can be custom fit to even the slenderest of fingers. Perfect for any age group, this effect transcends language and astonishes everyone who sees it. Bring your magic to life with Franken-Doh by Roddy McGhie.