An Extraordinary Exhibition of Seeing with the Fingertips by Luke Jermay

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Phase 1: Your spectator shuffles the deck. You identify the cards as "red" or "black" simply by running your fingers along the face of the cards...

Phase 2: Your spectator shuffles the deck once more. You identify the cards as "red" or "black" simply by waving your fingers underneath the cards...

Phase 3: You determine the color and identity of a card that is sealed inside the card box...

  • No mirrors!

  • No wax!

  • No chemicals!

  • No magnets!

  • No wires!

  • No strings!

  • No counting!

  • Not a stacked deck!

  • Not a marked deck!

  • Not a peek!

  • Not a pull!

  • Not a new gimmick, but YES a surprising new way of using a gimmick you probably already have!

You Get

  • Luke Jermay's surprising new method for this classic effect, the most effective and free we've ever seen.

  • Several classic ways to accomplish this effect.

  • Luke Jermay's handling of Out of This World, the perfect effect to follow this demonstration.

  • A copy of the original manuscript Luke Jermay shared with a small group of friends while he was developing the routine.