Executive Pad by Dennis Alm and Dick Barry

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"The fact that you can remove the band at the end makes all the difference - This is something I will use!" - Mariano Goni

"This is the absolute best version of the classic SWITCH PAD that I have ever used. The switch is absolutely undetectable and lightning fast. I give this my highest recommendation!" - Cody S. Fisher

"Smart, Simple, clever and incredible practical. It is a perfect example of audience tested device. Tons of Applications." - Scott Robinson

Perform some of the cleanest predictions possible with a classy notepad that is your new mentalism Swiss army knife. This is the Add-A-Number pad that James Bond would have used if he needed to read minds. Switch, predict, and transform with The Executive Pad by Dennis Alm & Dick Barry.

What happens with this is only limited to your imagination.

This is a fully mechanical notepad that allows you to have your audience initial the top page of a pad of paper. Volunteers can then write down numbers, words, or whatever they want. Then, under the magician’s control, whatever they wrote down can be switched to pre-written information that is still verifiable with the audience’s signature.

Executive Pad is made of soft leather with an embossed logo that looks like any pad of stationery you would pick up at a hotel or trade show convention. It comes with an attached pen and paper that looks right at home in any business meeting, and is ready to go right out of the box.

In addition to the incredible pad, you get an instructional video where Nick Locapo will teach you how to use the pad and perform an incredible prediction routine that has the audience writing down random numbers, the sum of which you can reveal you predicted before the show began. Then legendary mentalist Docc Hilford joins the fun and teaches you some incredible mind-reading routines he developed just for this pad.

As a bonus, we sent a pad to Craig Petty, who has been creating even more incredible magic for his live shows that he is going to share with you. Craig’s routines include:

1 - Cross Matrix
You take a sheet of paper signed by a spectator and draw four crosses in the four corners. Now while it’s in the hands of the spectator, you move the four crosses matrix style into the same corner. This looks insane

2 - Celebrity Reveal
This is the coolest celebrity reveal you will ever see. It starts with a gag and ends with an incredible moment of magic in the hands of the spectator.

3 - Amnesia
The magician shows a shopping list made earlier in the day. The magician then demonstrates how easy it is to forget items when you are shopping by magically causing the spectator to forget which items are on the list

4 - Coloring Routine
A super fun, really practical way of doing the classic kids' coloring routine but in a way that is as baffling and entertaining for adults as it is for kids

5 - Princess Shopping
Imagine being able to do the classic Princess Card trick but with items off a shopping list. Now imagine it happens in their hands, and the list is then examinable!

6 - True Love
The perfect trick for weddings, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day. A couple's initials magically move into a drawing of a love heart on a piece of paper held in their own hands. This is a reputation maker

7 - Houdini’s Ghost
In this spooky trick, you contact the dead and use the ghost of Houdini to help identify a person's chosen card. Not only that, but it happens in the hands of the spectator!

8 - Cardiographic
The late great Martin Lewis created an absolute masterpiece when he published Cardiographic. In this version, the spectator signs the paper at the beginning, and the card rises in the hands of the spectator. It’s perfect for close-up, and the helper is left with a killer souvenir

9 - Dracula
A fun routine where a drawing changes into a monster freely chosen by a spectator. This is the perfect Halloween trick

10 - Marker Complete
This is an awesome routine that makes the perfect finale for any card revelation. It starts with a hilarious gag and ends with a magical payoff.

11 - Off With His Head.
In this routine, a drawing of a stickman is used to demonstrate a classic stage illusion while the signed piece of paper is held by the spectator.

Executive Pad is a refinement of a switching pad that has been used by mentalists for years. It fits in the breast pocket of a suit jacket or a small handbag and easily blends into any performer’s show. No more messy notebooks or loose sheets of paper. Elevate your craft to business class with Executive Pad.