Double Feature by Patrick Redford

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Double feature is the new DVD from the mind of Patrick Redford that combines 2 very strong effects performed with any cell phone.?

Cellular Oracle- Divine the Past Divine the name of a thought of person recently spoke with by phone and exactly what that person looks like. Then that thought of person is called and a person from your personal phone book is called. Both are asked to name any single digit on a telephone's dial pad. Mysteriously, they both name the exact same digits proving a mysterious connection between strangers.?

AND Prophesy Voice - Predict the Future Play an audio prediction recorded days ahead of time on your cell phone that details events that came to be moments before it's heard. With the Prophesy Voice technique you can predict virtually anything on your cell phone's recorder. Best of all it's Impromptu.?

  • Nothing written down.?

  • No dual reality.?

  • Perform anywhere anytime.?

  • May be performed impromptu.?

  • My be performed Close up.?

  • May be performed on stage.?

  • No extra props needed, just you and a cell phone. No apps to buy or nothing to download.

Running Time: Approximately 3hr 13mins