Die-abolical Bet by Nicholas Lawrence

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Perform an incredible solid through solid effect with an ordinary die and just a couple of playing cards. Direct from the mind of one of the modern masters of gimmicks comes a visual miracle that you have to see to believe. This is Die-Abolical Bet by Nicholas Lawrence.

Here’s what happens:

The magician hands out a shot glass and translucent dice to be examined. The magician removes a pair of cards from the deck and stacks a card on the glass, the die on the card, and the second card on the die. With one swift motion, the magician presses down on the little stack, and the die passes through the card and into the glass. The magician sets up the intriguing tower of objects again, and a spectator is invited to press down, and impossibly the die passes through the card again. The magician then hands out the glass, the die, and the cards for everything to be examined.

Die-Abolical Bet comes with precision-made gimmicks that make this solid through solid effect possible. There are no flaps, trap doors, or sliding panels. The clever principles in play allow your audience to see the die clearly on the card while surrounded, and yet it still passes through the card. As a bonus, you’ll also learn a kicker ending where you apparently show a hole in the card the dice must have passed through, only to reveal that the hole has transformed into a black sticker and the card is completely solid. Along with the expertly taught tutorial from Nicholas Lawrence you will receive multiple gimmicks to perform this trick again and again. Perform one of the most stunning solid through solid effects with ordinary objects. This is Die-Abolical Bet by Nicholas Lawrence.