Deja Voodoo by Dan Harlan

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Perfectly predict a spectator’s selection with no sleights, no gimmicks, no spelling, and no equivoque. This is a prediction effect with voodoo dolls that engages the spectator using a charming presentation and a rock-solid method for an open prediction effect. This is Deja Voodoo created by Didier Dupre Presented by Dan Harlan.

Here’s what happens:

A card with “The Cure” is openly placed on the table from the very beginning. Six cards with voodoo dolls printed on them are introduced. Each voodoo doll has a different malady affecting them. One has a pin in its stomach, another has its leg ripped off, and so on through all of the cards. They are laid out and the spectator is asked to name any number. The indicated voodoo doll card is presented and its particular affliction noted. When The Cure card is turned over, it has bandages exactly where the selection has been damaged. A perfect prediction every time.

The selection from the spectator is genuine. Every single torture on each of the voodoo doll cards is different, and beautifully illustrated with charming four-color artwork. Dan Harlan teaches you not only the secret but also the presentation that your audience will love. Best of all, there are no weird gimmicks or sleight of hand necessary. The method is just as pleasing to learn as the routine is to perform. The cards are all you need to perform this miracle. This is Deja Voodoo Presented created by Didier Dupre by Dan Harlan.