Curious George by The Other Brothers

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"This is a great effect with a lot of deceptive techniques. The Others Brothers thoroughly explain every aspect of the effect providing insight, motivation and comedic banter. I love it!" - Joe Rindfleisch

"The Other Brothers venturing into coin magic is as scary as it sounds, but they've created a quick and surprising trick that starts out terrible, (and they’re proud of it) but ends up kind of awesome. As easy as drinking water, this is an ideal entry-level coin effect." - Curtis Kam

Curious George is a trick on the move.

This is coin to impossible location for the worker. A coin is signed, the signature vanishes and then reappears on another coin that has been sealed in an envelope in your back pocket. The most impressive part? You never go near your back pocket and your hands are in full view of the spectators the entire time.

The Other Brothers are known for their fun methods and Curious George is no different. It comes complete with a gimmick that makes the trick work and The Other Brothers teach multiple methods even a way to make the coin appear anywhere.

Here's what happens
Coin is signed. You tell the spectator that you are going to make the signature disappear. Sounds cool? Well not really. You show the spectator your method for making the signature disappear is just rubbing the ink, smearing it until the ink disappears. Right now they are probably thinking you are mental. Just when they have given you the title of worst magician in the world you then prove that you are one of the greatest by making their signed coin appear in a sealed envelope.

Curious George is
Easy To Do
Fun and Funny
Amazing and Practical.