Coinception by Roddy McGhie

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From the wild mind of Roddy McGhie comes a piece by piece appearance of a coin that will leave your audience’s jaw on the floor. Your audience will believe that the effect you just showed them must be a dream. This is Coinception by Roddy McGhie.

Here’s what happens:

The magician offers to explain exactly how magicians pull coins out from behind people’s ears. The truth is that they quickly grab all the necessary atoms out of the air and form it into a coin, and to prove it, the magician will form the coin in slow motion. The magician pinches their fingers together and then shows half a coin at their fingertips. They pinch a few more atoms out of the air and then fuse another quarter of the coin together showing three-quarters of a coin at their fingertips. Another small pinch and the final piece of the quarter is fused on, right at the very tips of the fingers, and then that coin is immediately handed out for examination.

You will receive not only the Coinception gimmick, which is extremely rugged and built to last for thousands of performances but also expert instructions by Roddy McGhie. Roddy also shares his special handling of the Coinception gimmick for one of the most convincing bite-out quarter routines available today. There are no moving parts, no magnets, no rubber bands, and nothing for your audience to find. The final phase where you pinch on the final piece uses a brand new concept that fooled the entire Penguin Magic team and will definitely fool your audiences. Perform a coin routine that most magicians will only be able to dream about with Coinception by Roddy McGhie.