Card-Toon Remastered by Dan Harlan (Jumbo)

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The most charming card trick in the history of magic has finally become bigger than ever! Featuring brand new artwork created by Dan Harlan and printed on special Jumbo card stock specially developed for Card-Toon, it’s more visible and more magical than ever before. Arguably one of the greatest card tricks of all time is back in a huge way. Animate the ink on the back of a jumbo deck of cards so that it predicts a freely named card from your spectator. Bring a stick figure to life and make it the star of the show with Jumbo Card-Toon Remastered by Dan Harlan.

Here’s what happens:

You introduce a jumbo deck of cards with drawings on the back. The drawings are a charming little stick figure standing on a stage. You show that each card is just a little different, and if you flip through the deck, the drawings become a flip book of a magician performing a trick. The drawings animate, showing the magician removing his hat, reaching inside, and then pulling out a rabbit. Ask your audience to name any card. That card is removed from the deck and set aside. You show the back of the deck again and display the animation one more time. This time when you flip all the way through the deck, the magician doesn’t just pull the rabbit out of the hat. The rabbit magically transforms into a playing card that is a prediction of the freely named card.

Jumbo Card-Toon Remastered features brand-new artwork created by Dan Harlan that displays a smoother and more charming animation than ever before in a giant format. Your audience can genuinely name any card in the pack, and it’s instantly repeatable with a different card. Card-Toon is now available in a Jumbo variant perfect for platform and stage. Printed on a custom stock that is thinner and springier than traditional Jumbo stock, this Jumbo deck is easy to handle and extremely visual. One of the most popular card tricks on the planet just got an upgrade so that it can play to the back of the room in your biggest shows. Perfect for corporate entertainers, cruise ship performers, and anyone standing on the big stage, Jumbo Card-Toon Remastered is a modern classic with a spot in anyone’s act. Featured on Penn & Teller: Fool Us! This iconic effect is appealing to audiences of all ages.

Card-Toon has captured the imagination of generations of magicians and entertained millions of people. Now it’s back and bigger than ever. Put smiles to faces when you bring a drawing to life with the most charming card trick ever created by performing Card-Toon Remastered by Dan Harlan.