Blow by Juan Capilla

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Using the power of your breath, produce one of the most stunningly visual transpositions in all of card magic. Red queens and black queens change places without the magician touching them. Get big gasps from your audience with Blow by Juan Capilla.

Here’s what happens:

The magician introduces the four queens. The black queens are placed on the table, and the red queens are left in the performer’s hand. With a gentle blow, the red queens and the black queens change places. The magician offers to perform it again. The red queens are placed face down on the table, and the black queens are placed face up. The magician blows on the black queens, and they visually transform into the red queens. The face-down queens are turned over and revealed to have transformed into the two black queens.

Blow features a special gimmick that allows you to perform a stunningly visual two-card color change on the table. The gimmick is easy to reset and even easier to use. Once engaged, the gimmick is entirely under your control. This is not a gimmick that you have to time just right. All you do is blow, and the change happens right before your spectator’s eyes. This is Juan Capilla’s go-to effect when he wants to astonish laypeople and magicians alike. As a bonus, Juan teaches you his exceptionally clever cleanup that he uses to switch regular cards for the gimmick so that he can end squeaky clean. Show your audience a trick that’s a breath of fresh air when you perform Blow by Juan Capilla.