Airport by Seth Race

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"The Airwave Production/Vanish is worth the price of the entire project. I love it!" - Eric Jones

"This is so incredibly versatile, I love this so much! Seth showed me the first prototype years ago and I’m so excited that it’s finally here!" -Nicholas Lawrence

"Airport allows you to perform inexplicable magic with the most of common of objects - your Airpods. What could be more natural for a casual performance? A fantastic idea, perfect props and clever, practical handlings all add up to make buying this a no-brainer." - Mark Elsdon

"Allow me to say it three times… WHAT? WHAT! WHAT!? I need one right now!" - Henry Harrius

"The versatility, directness, and cleanliness of Airport make it a no-brainer purchase in my book!" - Kyle Purnell

"Fantastic! A brilliantly simple concept from Seth that can be used in your every day carry. That on its own would be enough, but combining that with stunning routines from both Seth and Garrett Thomas creates a truly incredible project!" - Will Tyrrell

"Airport is so organic and well thought out, it is ready to go out of the box, plus the routines and sleights taught are just the tip of the iceberg, this is definitely my new EDC!" - John Shack

"A perfect blend of every day carry and organic magic. I love it!" -Donnovan Mount

"I remember Seth showing me this over 8 years ago, and it is amazing to see how the idea has developed into an amazing EDC trick!" - Alex Latorre

"Seth Race is one of the best creators in magic. And this is absolutely brilliant! AirPort opens up so many possibilities in magic using AirPods. I really love the concept of Airport. Well done Seth!!" - Rizki Nanda

"Gonna need some apple care on this! What a simple and elegant utility for your EDC!" - Kevin Li

"Powerful , organic magic at its best. Seth has taken a well-known object to new heights, that packs small and plays huge! A real worker!" - Jay Grill

"So clever! I love modern applications of old ideas and this doesn’t disappoint. An extensive tutorial that leaves no stone un-turned combined with an awesome prop. Get this!" - Brad Addams

"Seth Race, a leading creative force in Magic today, has conjured up an EDC gimmick that I feel embodies how modern magic should be approached. Ditch the cards, turn up the volume, and go create some astounding moments with Airport." - Travis Askew

This is magic that travels with you.

Airport by Seth Race takes what looks like one of the most recognizable products in the world and allows you to do the impossible. Airport is innocent looking and takes virtually no pocket space. In fact, you don't need to carry it in your pocket when you can wear them like your everyday headphones. For many people in the world this is an everyday carry but now you can show them a feature they never knew was possible.

With Airport you can perform appearances, vanishes, transpositions and so much more. Imagine, placing the Airport in your hand, vanishing it to discover it is now in your ear. The Airport gimmick allows you to perform impossible vanishes by just closing your hand. There has never been a gimmick like this on the market capable of doing this much.

For many of the effects the gimmick does almost all of the work. Guest teacher Garrett Thomas will share easy ways to perform with the Airport gimmick along with advance ideas he has come up with.

You receive
-Carrying case gimmick
-Gimmicked Airport
-Ungimmicked Airport
-Expert instruction and bonus ideas from Garrett Thomas