Unseen Forces by Paul Richards

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A deck of playing cards and an unusual gemstone are used to attract mysterious unseen forces that seem to have knowledge of the unknowable!

A deck of cards is displayed both front and back and the spectator is asked to select any one of the cards as the magician deals them to the table. A card is selected and placed back in the deck. The magician introduces a strange shaped gem and explains that the gem will be used to attract an amazing unseen force to our physical world. A small packet of cards are now dealt on the table in a circular clock like fashion. The gem is placed in the middle of t he cards and spun like a spinner in a board game. Suddenly, as if some unseen hand has taken over, the gem slowly stops and begins spinning in the other direction! Eventually it slows down and stops, leaving either end pointing to a card. All but those two cards are picked up from the table and the spectator is asked which card they feel drawn to. That card is turned over and, incredibly, it is the spectator's selection!

This effect comes complete with everything you need to make this miracle happen! UNSEEN FORCES uses no magnets, no threads, and no rough and smooth! You get the special deck, the mysterious spinner, and a full routine that comes with additional ideas and handling information...a real winner!