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Warning: This lecture contains strong language.

"Tyler Wilson is quite inconsistent: One moment he makes you cry with laughter and the next he fools your socks off! His problem, really, is one of talent: Way too much of everything!" - Pit Hartling

"Devious thinking is the way I like to describe Tyler's material. You will learn and be inspired by this crazy mother*ucker." - Helder Guimarães

"Tyler Wilson is too wise for his years, and too skilled, and too funny. He makes me nervous, but you should see him anyway." - Stephen Minch

"Fortunately, after Tyler Wilson turns your brain inside out, he doesn't tear it in half as most magicians do with Card Warp. (He just leaves it before you, dangling from your spinal cord as you try to reconcile the miracles you've witnessed.) You're in for a real treat - don't miss him!" - Jack Carpenter

"Reinventing The Real is the best and most exciting book on close-up magic I've read in a long time. In it, Tyler Wilson shows himself wonderfully inventive, a serious student of his craft and very funny. The only fault this book has is that I'm not publishing it.” - Stephen Minch

“There are very few magic books that make me laugh on purpose. This one did. I have not met Mr. Wilson, but it is clear that he is impressively well read, and threateningly clever. Had I not read it first, this material would have fooled me. Thus, I’d probably find it difficult to like him." - Max Maven

"Wow! Reinventing The Real has so much variety it could have been called Kamasutricks. The book is an inspiring read. It's full of unique presentations, methods, and strong effects. Make room on your bookshelf and get ready to add to your repertoire." - Ray Kosby

“Reinventing The Real is a well-written and well-produced book with great magic, solid methods, terrific presentations and spot on references and credits.” - Jason England

What will he teach?

B52 Shooter Imagine a deck unequivocally shuffled face up into face down, and then magically separated so explosively that the cards look like they're doing parkour. With a new presentation, new method, and new climax, it's almost unfair to call this a Triumph. So we won't.

Stick it to the Man Imagine a spectator frantically sticking Post-it Notes all over the magician's body. While seeming purely random and in complete control of the spectator, a prediction is revealed to perfectly match her choices and movements. This is a fooling and highly memorable routine which proves that mentalism doesn't have to be boring.

Occam's Edge Keep imagining, but this time imagine that you could slowly vanish a card using no gimmicks and no sleight of hand. In fact, you use literally nothing. This is a new concept that is fantastically versatile, with applications ranging from vanishes to appearances to transportations to transpositions, and many others.

Shortser Cut Imagine even harder that with a stack of coins in front of you, you could reach down and instantly snatch any amount that the spectator calls for. Doing it once would be cool, but this is a three-phase powerhouse that gets more and more impressive each step of the way.

Coke Inhabit Imagine way, way harder that you flipped the classic Coin-in-Bottle trick on its head. This is an entirely new concept for the trick that lets you give the bottle away as a souvenir, with the coin still inside. No folding coins, no gimmicks, no kidding. There's a feature about this routine that we're holding back — we don't want to ruin the surprise!

Inspected Gadget Imagine as crazy hard as you possibly can that you held the cleanest Card-to-Envelope in your hands. This is the innovative new principle that all the big named magicians are raving about. It's clean, easy, practical, and deeply fooling. The best part is that it's not limited to just cards and envelopes: this principle is as versatile and customizable that you want to make it.

All this, plus over two dozen more highly original tricks and techniques from one of magic's most passionate and captivating performers.

Who is he?

Tyler Wilson broke Penguin. Tyler came to our Penguin studios with a single purpose: to destroy every lecture record we have. And he succeeded. Clocking in at nearly six hours, never have we packed so much fresh, innovative magic into one event. It's like you're getting two full lectures (just don't tell our pricing guy that!). Permeating through every minute, you'll experience Tyler's unique blend of funny and painfully unfunny, and you often won't know which is which.

You know Tyler from his highly acclaimed, and best-selling books, Dominatricks and Reinventing the Real. Here's your chance to see his material jump off the page and into your brain. Illiterates rejoice! But routines from his books are only the beginning. From there, you're treated to old killers that he's held back from publishing for years, and new killers that he totally wanted to hold back but needed the money.

Come see this creative powerhouse at work, at play, and at his best. Here's your chance to experience this one-of-a-kind, record-breaking lecture. We can't wait for him to break us again.