Super Shuffle System by Mark Calabrese

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"Totally fried some of the most seasoned pros I know...TWICE!" -Bobby Motta

"Looks unbelievably fair. Why practice for years when this does all the work for you? Smart!" -Angelo Carbone

"Super Shuffle will revolutionize your card handling. It is a deceptively simple gimmick that allows you to perform effects and techniques that are simply impossible with skill alone. If you do ANY card magic at all, you owe it to yourself to buy this." -Mark Elsdon

Imagine having the ability to handle cards in a super sloppy way, dropping and sliding them all over the table, yet maintaining control over the order of the cards you need. It opens a lot of doors. One of the holy grails of card magic is presenting the illusion of chaos, while the truth is meticulous precision.

This is why pros are so excited about Super Shuffle, and why it's a must-have gimmick for anyone who does card tricks that involve a setup. You can't POSSIBLY have control over the cards... but somehow you do!

In the nearly 2-hour accompanying instructional video you'll learn magic tricks, and maybe more importantly, all of Mark Calabrese's tips and touches to get the most out of his powerful secret weapon.

PROFESSIONALS: You'll IMMEDIATELY see why Super Shuffle fools everyone. It allows you to handle a deck fairly, and even performing casino-style washing shuffles (the most fair shuffle possible) while maintaining control over the cards.

BEGINNERS: Anti-sales pitch.. This is not a beginners tool. It's not that Super Shuffle is difficult -- it's maybe a medium difficulty -- but you won't appreciate how powerful it is until you have mastered the basics of card magic. Like Mark Elsdon says, Super Shuffle allows you to perform effects that are simply impossible with skill alone. Until you know enough card magic to better understand sleight-of-hand's limits, you won't fully appreciate Super Shuffle. Another reason why beginners won't get as much benefit from this is that they probably don't (yet) know many tricks involving setup. When you're ready, you're going to love this, but don't rush into it.