Rudy Coby LIVE

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What will he teach?

Rudy will show you step by step how to create a three minute act that you can travel the world with.


How to find your unique performing personality and turn it into an original character that you can use for close-up, TV, stage, comic books, movies and beyond. He will show you how to start from scratch to find YOUR unique performing persona in a way that few others can explain - his Labman character is one of the most famous in Magic and he will show in detail how he created his this world. More importantly, he'll show you how to create your own that you can build a lifetime of shows around.


Rudy will show you the process he goes through in creating highly original material and how you can do the same. He'll show you various routines direct from his live and TV shows and explain them in detail - showing you how they went from an original idea to a powerful act that he has toured the world with. Lots of magicians say that they can show you how to create original material, but few have hours and hours of TV specials that can back up the claim - he'll show you in detail his unique process using examples from his own show so that YOU can create a unique show of your own.

He'll be going through these famous routines from his show, explaining in detail how they were created:







Who is he?

Rudy Coby grew up in upstate New York. He discovered magic at the age of 9, when he saw singer Alice Cooper being beheaded by a guillotine while he was singing. Coby was astonished.

The following year he received a magic set for Christmas. That kit that housed the secrets of magic, changed Coby's life. And from that moment on, he wanted magic to be a part of his life.

Young Rudy use to steal books on magic from the local library to perfect his tricks.
Soon he began offering his services on the announcement board of the local supermarket, billing himself as "Rudini."

At the age of 12, Coby was named "Magician Of The Year," by the Society of American Magicians. He held this title for two years. Coby wanted his performances to be as original and unique as the comic books he used to read. So he threw away his conventional magic tricks, and started putting together weird costumes and props. He assumed the identity, called "Labman,"a Scientific Superhero who claims to be a strange invader from this very planet, and created "The Four Legged Man" routine.

His act became a smash success and in no time, Coby found himself working in 80 countries.

In the early 1990s, Coby appeared in several small theatrical live shows, and on broadcast television.

He is known for delivering eclectic and original comedic performances, of which stage magic plays a large part.

In 1995, he was commissioned by Fox TV network to put together, two, hour long shows, "Rudy Coby: The Coolest Magician On Earth," which aired on May 21, and "Rudy Coby: Ridiculously Dangerous," which aired the following year on May 6. One device used in both shows is LabCo's "Hypnotron 2000", an animated optical illusion (designed by Jerry Andrus) in which concentric rings of black/white stripes rotate in alternating directions.

Coby shows this animation for about fifteen seconds, and then instructs viewers to look at a photograph, or the back of their hand, to see the object they look at appear to distort in front of their eyes.

This device is a well-known example of the motion aftereffect. The Hypnotron 2000 was reportedly so popular in the first show that Coby had to perform it again in the second.

Coby and his troupe of illusionist comrades also performed in the Gem Theatre in downtown Detroit for an unprecedented thirteen weeks thanks to the cult following, and radio support. Coby also published a bundle of lecture notes, titled “How To Become A World Famous Magician."

After a hiatus of 14 years, Coby returned to performing in 2009, including a well-received twelve week run between June 13 - September 7 at the Galaxy Theater, Valleyfair, a theme park in Minneapolis, MN.

Coby is known to have worked with Manson from 2003, initially developing new material as well as stage magic.

He has also been Manson's roommate; his room being used as part of the cover of the album Eat Me, Drink Me with this news released as some of the first promotional information regarding Manson's track, Devour, from the 2009 album The High End of Low.

When Rudy Coby did a revival of his stage show in 2010, Marilyn Manson played the role of his arch nemesis.

The same year, Coby, a member of the famous Magic Castle, performed a week-long engagement, entitled "Magic vs. Science."