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"I'm always blown away by Robbie Moreland's work. His methods are well thought out and pure magic. You'd be insane not to buy anything he parts ways with!" -Jordan Amystika

"Robert Moreland saved my life in Vietnam. A decision we have both pondered the sanity of." - Anthony Miller, Leather Master

"Robert Moreland transcends the usual inane patter that plagues this genre and emerges as a true storyteller and entertainer; one who just happens to be mindbogglingly good at magic." - Travis Eaton, Actor/Director

"Robbie Moreland is the kind of guy I truly stop and listen to. He has such a passion for his art that it reflects ten fold in his effects." - Ryan Schlutz

"Robbie Moreland transforms mere tricks into enchanting tales during which your eyes truly do deceive you into thinking magic really does exist!" - Jamie Badman

“So... I am assuming you have a card that has a flap attached to make the card change.” - Criss Angel (after watching Robert perform a card magic with no gimmicks)

“There are a precious few magicians who when you see them perform, have that touch you'll never forget. Michael Skinner and Albert Goshman come to mind for me personally, both gentlemen possessed something unique that manifested itself in a particular brilliance which only they brought to the table. They somehow hid the obvious thousands of hours of practice deep inside a flawlessly disarming, natural, proficiency. This takes a mastery of magic that is as rare to find as it is beautiful to experience. Robbie Moreland is cut from the same cloth, bringing just such a quality to his magic whether it's an entire show, or a single effect. It's so easy once one masters the mechanics of magic with such perfection to, in time, allow one's skill to get away with him. Robbie has managed to strike the perfect balance of visual artistry and magical content, and the result is magic that is eye arresting yet still mysterious. To put a fine point on it: Robbie is the kind of artist that every true student can learn so much from, and I look forward to doing just that every time the opportunity arises.” - Shannon Clark

“Robert's creativity and performance ability exceeds that of anyone I've ever seen.” - Joshua Stenkamp, Black Jacket Entertainment CEO

“I've gotten to spend many days with Robert watching his creations and I can attest to his devastatingly devious mind for creating some really magical moments. I love his work!” - Shaun Robison

"Robbie is a very gifted Close-Up magician. Cards dance in his hands, coins just melt from hand to hand. This will all change soon...soon as I find my hammer.” - Mike Gallo

“Robert's magic is so smooth he must be dipping his hands in fanning powder.” - Steve Beam

“Robert's magic is not only visual, but well composed. I perform many of his routines regularly, and they are some of my absolute favorite pieces of magic, not only for me, but my audiences as well.” - Michael Casey

“Robbie is what is known as an Underground Magician. He's the kind of guy that does the good stuff and keeps it quiet. All that is going to change.” - Luke Dancy

What will he teach?

In this lecture, Robert gives you tips and insights into how to make your magic sing to an audience. While you will be learning some of Robert's most cherished routines, the goal of this presentation is to make you realize the untapped potential of what you are already capable of performing. Some of the greatest magic you will ever learn is already in your possession. Join Robert in this exclusive look into taking what's possible and transforming it into the impossible.

Flipping-Out Ramsey This routine is Robert's take on Troy Hoosier's “Extroydinary” routine. This routine has received rave reviews in the Magic Underground from such names as Nathan Kranzo, Eric Jones and the late Jack Parker. This routine features a very well-known gimmick and Robert’s diabolical “Pac-Man Production”. If you love good coin magic, this should be right up your ally!

The Space Between This is Robert's four phased Card Sandwich choreography that utilizes some of his favorite sandwich sequences with a Moreland Touch. This routine builds in impossibility with each phase and has a beautifully placed finale that leaves audiences speechless. The routine is gaff free and perfect for parlor work.

Subliminal Flash Biased Paul Cummins wonderful routine “Flasher” from his must have FASDIU lecture notes. Robert’s presentation molds this into a journey thru the subconscious that begins and ends with a thought of card. Great for walk around, parlor, and mentalist shows.

Window to the Soul This routine is Robert’s take on divining a thought of card. The method is the essence of simplicity and is attainable by just about anyone with a minimum of card handling ability. However, the great thing about this is the presentation. Robert explains to you the tidbits and pseudo-cold reads that makes this extremely potent. And, when it is done, you will have made a new friend for life.

Observation This four-card Monte routine is pure eye candy with lots of visuals, transpositions, and transformations coupled with a dynamite presentation. You move-monkeys will love this one!

These routines and more will be at your disposal after this rare look into the mind of one of magic's most hidden talents.

Who is he?

A majority of you who are new to our art probably have never heard of Robert Moreland. Robert is a native of Savannah, Georgia where he spent the better part of three decades perfecting his silky smooth brand of magic. He is a sought-after creator and performer in the magic underground. His material has been featured in such publications as Magic Magazine (August 2004), Channel One Magazine, The Holy City Session (an out of print manuscript outlining a duel lecture composed with, resident performer at the Hilton Head Island Disney Resort, Mick Ayres), Weapon's of Choice, Robert's first solo lecture presented at the TSD convention in 2005, Illusive Actions: DVD put out by East Coast Magic In 2007 featuring Roberts Work.

He has been commissioned to perform and Lecture at many prestigious conventions such as: Andi Gladwin and Josh Jay's “Session Convention” (2007), “TSD Convention” (2006), “South Carolina Association Of Magicians Convention” (SCAM), “52” AKA The Buffalo Get-Together.