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"I can hardly wait for the Penguin Live lecture of Rick Anderson. He's one of the most underground, best kept secrets in magic. Without his influence, inspiration and guidance I wouldn't be the guy I am today."
Shawn Farquhar

"Rick Anderson is old-school in the best way: he does commercial magic that is clean and clear, and I always like to watch him perform." - Joshua Jay

"Rick Anderson is one of my favourite magicians to watch. He's devilishly skilled and hilariously funny. A lethal combination. You are going to love him!"Matt Johnson

"Rick has a certain style about his coin work that makes it particularly enjoyable to watch. He's also a real thinker about how to make technique more deceptive and natural and how to make it all entertaining."Michael Ammar

"If you're looking for solid, commercial magic that you can make a living with, you could examine every trick and ask, 'Is this practical, powerful, and do people respond to it?' But it's easier to just ask, 'does Rick Anderson do it?' I know this because Rick was doing that kind of magic when I first saw him, at a convention some 40 years ago. In fact, his performance helped convince a goofy teenager from Hawaii that coin magic could be entertaining. Over the years, Rick has become a well-oiled performing machine, carefully disguised as a scruffy teddy bear. And you know you can never completely trust bears." - Curtis Kam

"Rick Anderson has been one of the top professional performers in the Northwest for forty years- but it doesn't stop there. From the beginning, Rick has been an active and selfless mentor and teacher for a ton of the young talent we now have in Seattle and Tacoma; Now is not only your chance to benefit from his technical expertise, but also his solid advice and experience in entertaining real (that means "paying") audiences as well."Jack Carpenter

"Rick Anderson is a natural teacher. He is a true student of magic and a superb performer so his instruction not only gives you the "how" of the routine, he gives the "why" it works based on his years of in the trenches performing. Everything I have created, go back to the principals of magic Rick taught me when I was starting out. His depth and breadth of knowledge of magic and performance resume are every students treasure." Sincerely." -Steve Hamilton (former student)